Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday my in-laws celebrated 41 years of marriage.  Last week, my former in-laws (I'm working on telling my story here) celebrated 51 years.  Last month, my parents celebrated their 44th anniversary.

And so today, I pray for the future marriages of each of my children, nieces, nephews and sponsored children.  Lord, give them a healthy view of themselves and the patience to wait for the one who will love them they way you designed.  May they keep themselves pure both for themselves and for their future spouse.  May they see us, their parents, modelling a healthy marriage, showing love to each other and handling disagreements in healthy ways.  Protect them from the messages in today's culture that marriage is not important; help us send a stronger message that it is.

Bless them, Lord with wonderful thriving marriages and children of their own.

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