Monday, January 30, 2012

Praying for this Newborn

This blog has been quiet for two weeks with a good reason.  The 'inside' baby that was one of my children I was praying for is now an 'outside' baby with a name and an adorable face.

This is Nolan.  He has been a joy to welcome into our family.  Born January 19, he's 11 days old now.  That photo was taken at 3 days old.

Our prayer for him is that he would grow up to be a  man after God's own heart.  That we would raise him to be honest, kind, loving, creative, happy, a good friend & good influence...  That he would know God's plan for him as God reveals it, and would follow it joyfully.  Pray that with us for him, would you?  He is a fresh boy, full of potential and hope.  Our other, older, children may have made choices that we wished they had not, but they are no less full of potential.  Let's keep praying for them all.

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